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All you need.

After passing my advanced cookery diploma in 1993 at Thanet Catering College in Broadstairs, I have gained over 30 years in the catering industry, I have a wealth of knowledge and am able to offer my services on a consultancy basis globally.

I can help meet financial targets, reduce food costs and increase profitability. I am able to train and help develop the kitchen team, implement systems and procedures such as HACCAP.

I have owned my own event catering business since 2012, catering for high net worth clients, dinner parties, weddings and events. I love creating seasonal menus and have a great passion for food and service and strongly believe in not over complicating dishes, but allowing the fantastic produce to sing for itself. Utilising cheaper cuts to create something truly exceptional.

Helping maximise profits.

No need for fancy gadgets and equipment to produce fantastic food, lets bring it back to basics if necessary...

I have a pool of highly qualified chefs who excel in their own fields, who can be brought in if necessary to assist.

Allow me to take the stress out of your business, identify issues and amend them whilst working with you and your team.

I can chat to suppliers, source new ones if necessary or get better deals for you from the current ones, meeting the reps and set up the accounts. making sure they are working for you to help maximise profit margins. I have a fully equipped kitchen in Somerset where staff can be trained or learn new skills if necessary, or even come for a development day.



Financial Targets

Work alongside you and your team.

Looking closely at suppliers costings, improve on them by speaking to them directly and setting up meetings with reps.

Looking at cooking methods to save time and money.


The way your team works in the kitchen and identifying potential issues.

Training & Development

Working with you and your team closely to help develop their skills if necessary. Injecting a new enthusiasm and buzz in the workplace, getting them involved in ideas to improve.

Development mindset, do you/ they have the necessary in house expertise. Partnering will help avoid future issues. Helping to develop to deliver a consistently great experience. It all takes time, i will be there with you, along the journey.


The Team

I have a team who i can call on to work with you. Highly qualified chefs who excel in their own fields.


To help develop new ideas. To recognise issues within a department.

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