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Slicing Meat

Allow me to take the stress out of your business, identify issues and amend them whilst working with you and your team.

Development chef, 
Event caterer


Nick Holt

I have gained over 30 years in the catering industry, I have a wealth of knowledge and am able to offer my services on a consultancy basis globally.

I can help meet financial targets, reduce food costs and increase profitability.

“From setting it up exactly to my vision, the yummy food, it was all above and beyond what we could have expected.”

Jackie & Gareth

Hibachi Fish with Scallions

Financial Targets

Work alongside you and your team to find methods to save time and money.

Training & Development

Injecting a new enthusiasm and buzz in the workplace, getting them involved in ideas to improve.

The Team

A team of highly qualified chefs who excel in their own fields can be called on to work with you.

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